Restaurants near Adelaide Granada Motor Inn

There are a wide range of restaurants and cafes near Adelaide Granada Motor Inn.  Here are some of our favourites.

Cha Chi's Mexican Cantina

1) Cha-Chi’s Mexican Cantina

Co-located at Adelaide Granada Motor Inn, Cha Chi’s Mexican Restaurant serves classic Mexican dishes plus a few extra specials.  Using fresh ingredients, choose from Botanos, Antohitos, Comidas, our personal favourite Fajitas as well as a range of side dishes and desserts.  Look for the daily specials particularly during weeknights.

2) Zeea’s Eatery

Wonderful service and fresh produce are the characteristic hallmarks of Zeea’s Eatery.  Everything served in the bustling cafe is made from ingredients available for purchase from Tony & Mark’s right next door.  Zeea’s do a wicked breakfast and we highly recommend the Eggs Benedict with Harris Smoke Salmon.  Their coffee is top notch as well.